Thursday, February 12, 2009

We continue the trend of tiny projects...

I managed to get the outlet/switch into the wall in the bathroom! And shockingly, it did not require another trip to the hardware store. Just some tape (thanks for the hint Casey), a chisel, hammer, vacuum, googles - and an exercise in patience. Note - my patience muscle is now really sore. But it's in and attached, even if not a perfect vertical. But honestly, I really do want to redo that bathroom at some point, so I wasn't going to spend too much time trying to make it less crooked... It works and it sort of looks normal!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Joys of home ownership

The frustrating part for me is when I plan to do a project, and end up completely derailed because something else in the house goes awry and requires immediate and time-sucking repair. Case in point - last weekend I broke the light switch in the downstairs bathroom. How? I tried to turn it on. Oops. These things happen, old house...

Luckily I had a spare, so I started the replacement process. 30 min later, with a little help from Dad, the new switch and outlet was attached and working - and hanging out of the wall, as it's too big to fit in the hole in the tile made for the original outlet! Therefore, I will be spending part of this weekend with a hammer and chisel, trying to make the outlet go into the wall without destroying the surrounding tile. (Sidenote - I hate the downstairs bathroom anyway, why must it keep having issues that require my time when I just want it to survive until I can destroy it and replace with something better?) That was so not on my project list for the weekend! Anyone want to bet on how long this little task takes?