Monday, March 19, 2012

Unrelated to house things.

I sat down this evening to update my resume (because really, one should have an updated resume just in case something interesting crosses your path).  Very luckily, I have a good friend who is marvelous at resume critique, and she pointed out that I had reached a point in my career where I needed to alter my format and include a profile.  So off I went, diligently searching for samples of what others in my line of work have done.

You know what?  They all say the same things.  Everybody is working from the same list of resume action verbs.  What I really want to do is just finish this up, and write the world's frankest cover letters.  I just want to say - you know what?  I'm good at my job.  I'm not the smartest, nor the easiest, and I don't know everything.  But I know I don't, and I admit it.  I'm smarter than some, I'm fast, I'm logical, and my work is high quality.  I don't miss deadlines.  If you give me something that needs doing, I'll figure it out.  So here's the resume.  I think it has all the right buzzwords.  It looks the same as everyone else's.  Just call me.  We'll talk.  And either we'll like each other and I'll do a good job for you; you'll be glad I'm there, or we won't fit, and then no harm done. 

But I don't think that would get me any interesting things that crossed my path.  Unless it was a tiny startup.  And really - that's kind of a bummer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And the spring adventures continue

This morning a waterbug meandered into my bedroom (!) as I was about to walk out.  Like any adult, mature, capable person, I - squealed like an 8 yr old, jumped on the bed, and yelled for Jaimee.

I hate those things.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

And the nightmare situation w the mouse happened

Live one on the glue trap! Ugh. Hence the glue trap dilemma. Jaimee took it outside, pried it off with a plastic knife, and (despite my comment that this is not the Collesium), released it to the feral cats. Then when it tried to run back towards the house she blocked it and told it there were rules... Poor mouse.  Ugh. What would you do?

(And I also have snap traps and the electric ones, so I'm trying everything...)

Monday, March 5, 2012

I didn't mean to slack on the posting.

I did, however, mean to slack on the bathroom.  After a push to finish it before Christmas (fail), and then a couple projects where I thought I was doing quite well but realized I had installed things improperly (I am not good at moldings.  Just - not.), I needed a break.

So I altered my tack a bit, and decided to tackle some projects where the raw materials were in the house, I just hadn't done it.  Sort of a use it or lose it kind of deal.  Also a make things work a little better kind of deal.

I hung a shelf:
Twice, actually, after it fell down.  Turned out the anchors I selected just weren't big enough.  Oops. 

I put hardware on the pantry doors:
Ok, so I have to stretch to reach them.  Maybe this won't be the final location of said hardware.

I also:
  - cut and installed a shelf in one of my kitchen cabinets (with the side effect of making the glasses drawer much much easier to use!)
  - put shelf supports in the counter under the sink to hang the dishrack (so. very. exciting.)
  - hung the artwork my friends made for my birthday 2 (3?) years ago
  - made good progress on the shelves in the bathroom (they aren't done, but you can use them!)
  - installed a cat door in the basement for Jaimee's cat when he visits (let's not talk about the fact that he won't go through it yet)
  - and cleaned the basement.
But then it was time to ease back into the bigger projects.  I still didn't want to return to the bathroom, though.  So - have I mentioned that I hate my upstairs closets?  Well, I do.  Or did.  Or both, really.  I mean, I have huge closets, so I really shouldn't complain.  But a shelf and a bar just don't use the space efficiently.  Plus bifold doors just shouldn't exist.

And - here we are:

We (Jaimee put her muscles to good use too) took off the bifold doors, took down the shelf and the bar, and put up this thing of beauty.  The bar will get new life in R2's room.  Of course we had the usual reno issues; plaster crumbling in certain spots, drill-walking creating some not quite level hooks, cutting the long shelves too short because I was too focused on one side of the plans - but we overcame and this thing is solid.  There are still no doors, the other two closets and the upper storage areas still have the old doors, and the middle closet also desperately needs to be redone, and the inside walls really need painting - but this is SUCH a nice step!  No more trying to get my sweaters out of a falling apart wire system, no more dust collecting on the bottom items, and more usable space.  

Of course this came with a spring-cleaning type purge (also helped by watching Hoarders too much), and decluttering a bit has felt good too.

Currently I'm fighting a mouse infestation (those critters are BOLD.  They stroll on the counters!  They meander through the bottom shelf of the pantry!  They poop ON the snap trap bait!  I shall overcome.).  So that might have to dictate the next project, meaning that I might have to focus on sealing up the pantry/nook/kitchen before I can return to the bathroom.  TBD.  But work continues!