Monday, October 21, 2013

And now for something completely different

At Jaimee's request, I built an outdoor sink and counter.  In the spirit of the ethos that is the DIY work in the house, it's...scrappy.  The water comes from the hose faucet, although I did spring for the fancy stainless hose so you can drink from it safely.  The drain leads to a watering can so I can reuse the water on the plants, with the overflow going into the backyard (only biodegradable soap allowed!).

The faucet originally came with the sink we bought for the upstairs bathroom, the tile is left over from the upstairs bathroom, the grout left over from the backsplash, and the apron left over from the fence.  Someday I'll build a couple doors so we can store the extra propane tanks under the sink without looking at them, but for now - it works.

For those wanting something not entirely different, the bathroom work continues - it's just that the steps in finishing are so boring until actually completed!  Still working on the ceiling, staining the shelves, etc.  However, I did finish the sink, which was was more work than it sounds.  It meant

  • removing the extra caulk from the larger sink
  • removing the sink to uninstall the faucet that came with it
  • removing the faucet from the downstairs sink and installing it up here
  • reinstalling the sink
  • installing the faucet I bought for this sink on the downstairs faucet

I also hung a couple of towel hooks, which was also more work than it sounds - don't buy Kobalt tile bits.  I killed 3 in drilling 2 holes.

And this is what Loki says to all of that.