Friday, April 30, 2010

I am very beautiful.

Nope, I'm not bragging. Just sharing the text message I received yesterday - from the contractor I hired to skimcoat the ceilings. While he was IN MY HOUSE. With KEYS. Can we say awkward??? It was just a generic compliment - he's married, and that was his last day of work so I wouldn't be running into him again - but really. This is the kind of message you send your clients? Oy.

(A friend reminded me that his livelihood depends on his rep, so he's probably not going to copy my keys and murder me in my sleep - ok, I watch too many crime dramas - but I still asked R2 to check the house to make sure he wasn't hiding in it last night :P).

Anyway, the hallway ceilings are ready for painting! He didn't quite do as much as I was hoping - he didn't patch some spots on the molding, and he's not quite the perfectionist that I am - but it looks damn good. Already much better than I could have made it! So here's to painting this weekend. And with any luck, a hallway that looks somewhat normal!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look, pretty!

I planted a tree in the backyard! Thanks to Max, who found a tree giveaway at work and reserved me a tree, Cornelia has been added to the backyard. I think she's making a difference already! Now, if only I can manage to keep her alive... (crossing fingers away from my non-green thumb...).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colors. Have some. Need more.

So, does anyone else have any interest in paint colors? Thought not. This is for you, Mom.

I need a color for the molding. The horrid peach pink shade in the hallway just isn't cutting it... Here's the current color palette of the house. And - I swear it isn't actually this ugly in real life.

I have all these nice paint chips... Help. Suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventures in lame-handed painting

As it turns out, it's not the actual painting/priming that is difficult one-handed, it's the prep work. Perhaps this should not be shocking, but I was a little surprised... But after sanding the last coat of compound, then cleaning up the dust, then washing the walls - that was one tired right arm!

At the end of the day, the long hallway wall is about 3/4 primed. I had some small technical difficulties along the way. Like - R2 kindly set up the long ladder for me to reach over the stairs before she left for the day, but I needed to move it in order to reach one spot on the wall. Um - can't move the long ladder using only one arm. So - that spot not sanded, therefore not primed. And the wall over the stairs would require lots of ladder shifting to paint, so that one isn't done either. I'm also messier when painting using only the right arm - but I have to say, no longer looking at the red/yellow wall is a vast improvement. Even if I'm now looking at splotchy primer ;) Look for more lame-handed painting to come!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Did I mention

That I fixed the fence? 'Cause I did. Before and after below. Dang those winds - and all the things I know now about fence creation with lattice that I didn't know when actually creating the fence...

From Re-fencing

Did I also mention I was trying to fix my elbow again? Yeah. Fun fun. But enough already with the tendinitis. I mean, not only does it make picking up a beer painful, but the hammer swinging was really not joyous. So all real work is on dr-ordered hiatus. However, I am looking forward to trying right-handed painting this weekend. The last hallway wall needs one more light sand, and it should be ready for the priming! If the right-handed priming goes well, then I'll actually paint too... Don't get too excited to see results yet, though. One friend has already told me she has "a feeling it's going to end with a quarter of the wall painted and you with a beer in your right hand - icing your elbow". Only time will tell... Wish me luck!