Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The holidays are busy. And then I was tired.

Well - I was. So I took a rather long (and rather needed) break from home repair. Slowly trying to work my way back in though. Last weekend I had goals of hanging the curtain rods I finally bought for the living room - which were to replace the ugly ones that came with the house - and working on stripping more wallpaper paste off the hallway walls. With typical Sarah time estimation skills, the curtain rod hanging took much too long (don't ask. let's just say going up and down ladders after working out does not make for speedy home repair), so there was no paste stripping. But I'm back on the horse, look for more work done - or started - soon!


Hoop said...

When you're ready, you know where to find helpers :)

rachel said...

woo hoo! can't wait

JLB said...

i'm in!! Helper ready to report!