Thursday, August 6, 2009

I hate the floor guys.

I really do.
I scheduled them. I emptied (with help, thanks all) the living and dining rooms. Max picked up the old couch. Then at 11 pm, they called in sick. Ok. So we lived with empty rooms for a week. Then on Tues - the rescheduled date - they didn't show. Or call. Or answer my calls. Or return my voicemail. Or contact me ever again.

Clearly fired. However, it was nicely scheduled to be done before the new couch arrived - and now that's out the window. So I'm crossing that off the goal list for end of summer - it's going to be delayed. It'll take me extra time to find new guys, get estimates, etc. Annoying!!! Contractors 2, Sarah 0.

On the plus side, I did complete the hanging of the speakers, so that's a goal completed. Some of the speaker wire still needs to be painted, but I'll handle that the next time I have the ceiling paint out.

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chris said...

You know it is possible that they locked themselves outside of a job and could not get out. Did you ever think of that. They might still be trying to get in.d