Monday, March 15, 2010


Another day of wall-work. Joy. But the upstairs hallway wall is about ready to go. And the stairway just needs one more sanding, which would have been done this weekend if I hadn't already tired myself out sanding and decided dealing with the unruly and heavy ladder was beyond me.

I got a little excited at the end of the day, thinking that I could actually prime the moldings as well (for those who don't know, they are a hideous peachy color). I have realized, however, that there might not be much point in doing that... If I'm going to tear up the equally hideous linoleum, I'll end up probably needing to redo the moldings after the floors are redone. Or maybe not. Maybe touchups and shoe moldings will cover it... I shall contemplate. Because they're really damn ugly.

In other news, thank you to the nor'easter for exposing my mediocre construction skills. Part of the fence blew down. Just two cross braces and one piece of lattice, but still. Well, now I get to showcase my mediocre repair skills!

Oh - and from an article in the Real Estate section of today's NYTimes:
"Much work remains. “Once you own something, it is never going to be done,” Mr. Krause said, “but I didn’t expect that so many things would present themselves so quickly.”" Man is he ever right!

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