Monday, May 17, 2010

All these things - just no pictures.

I just keep forgetting to take them. But there has been lots going on in the house lately!

Firstly, finally, the hallway walls are painted! Still have to figure out the moldings and the staircase, but the walls are now a lovely grey-blue. SO much better than the weird two-tone thing going on. And SO MUCH brighter! Many thanks to the friends that came together for the day long painting extravaganza to finish it.

Lots of work going on in the back garden. There was a plant sale at the Botanical Garden, amongst other things, which have all led to a back yard that really looks like a pretty yard, and not an urban wasteland! Or at least - the yard part looks like a yard. The patio part is a little urban wasteland. But it's coming along! The "cat-repellent" plants seem to be helping a bit too, which is quite nice for being able to sit down at the table and not smell cat poo.

Those are great things! Last week's broken sewer pipe in the basement was not such a great thing... There was some early-century living required for a bit. But that has been repaired. If nothing else, at least THAT particular piece of pipe can be relied on not to break for a while...

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