Monday, July 19, 2010

And we're off!

Like a herd of turtles, as my family always said. Really, quite apropos...

The kitchen reno is officially starting. Dad's on his way here. Tomorrow he starts swinging the sledgehammer. It may not be as fully planned -ahem- as one might hope before they start tearing apart their house, but really - close enough. Maria came through big time with the plans, and the smart cooks I know have agreed this is a kitchen they'd like to work in.

My very patient cousin, and then Mom and brother and sister have gone cabinet shopping with me, and the light colored solid doors are definitely the winners. The exact configuration and Ikea vs Kraftmaid are still tbd.

I know the countertop material I want, though still have 3 colors to pick from. Icestone (made in Brooklyn of recycled glass in concrete).
Manhattan grey:
Denim moss:
Denim sky:

The plumber is coming on Wed to give me a work estimate. I think I'm going with casement windows instead of double hung so we can leave them open at night without worrying about silently entering psycho killers, or having to install bars. If the linoleum comes up cleanly, I'll just refinish the subfloor. We'll find that out pretty soon.

So what if I don't know yet the sink, or fixtures, or whether to buy a new stove. Don't rush me. This project is going!


Hoop said...

I love the denim moss! And good call on the windows--you don't want to have to worry about psycho killers at all. Or ninja cats!

Casey said...

Can't wait to break stuff! Or build stuff. Or whatever it is we're doing. Just psyched to use power tools.

Lee Knight said...

Good luck, can't wait to have another BK No. 9 there ;)