Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's be honest.

My budgeting estimation was crap.

I mean, ok, it probably would have been closer to fine (though still not flawless) if I wasn't putting in an island, and thus moving plumbing. If there wasn't a random electrical wire that was discovered in the reno process and needs to be moved. But the fact is - I am and there was. Which means I have blown the budget already, and I didn't even buy anything fun like a fancy stove or something. So this means - definitely Ikea cabinets. No new appliances until next year. And maybe a great deal more eating at home for a while (if I ever finish a kitchen to cook in...).

So now I have to decide which electrician to call. Electrician A, who was there for 10 min, grasped everything I said, and called me back 3 days later with a price? Or electrician B, who was there for 30 min, did a lot of investigating, was slightly slower on the concept grasping, gave me a detailed estimate on the spot - but also sort of irritated me by wanting to do other work and by charging for said estimate? (I mean, do I really need to replace the doorbell wires? Yes, I know they are old, but everything old is not necessarily bad...). Roughly the same price. Which to pick?

And the plumbers. I wanted to go with the guy I used for everything else, but he was significantly more expensive. Looks like I'll be trying someone new.


Craig said...
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Craig said...

Thank you for recognizing not EVERYTHING old needs replacement
your old man :)