Monday, November 29, 2010

Teaser Pics

Yes.  I definitely had timecrack.  But I did accomplish rather a lot on the punchlist, with some help, and at the expense of rather a lot of sleep.  Turns out you actually can paint until 3am and have it look good.  Not that I'll be repeating that again...I hope.  The kitchen looks and acts like a kitchen, even if there is plenty left to do still!

Anyway, a few pics to keep you interested ;)


Baja said...

Wow Sarah- it looks amazing!

Gene said...

Love the former scary room turned nook. That's a nook, right? We can agree that's a nook?

Hoop said...

Looks like a nook to me! Fabulous job, what an awesome kitchen!

Joke said...

WOW!!!!! When can I come cook? :)

- Joke

kmcmahon said...

Sarah, It looks great. Well done! You must be so proud.

Sara Bussman said...

Dear Sarah, you need to update your blog.