Friday, December 16, 2011

New Fridge!

It wasn't an upgrade planned for this year, but when your fridge starts freezing the items in the fridge rather regularly, your roommate can get kind of sad about her fresh (now frozen) spinach.  And have you ever tried to fry a frozen egg?  It's weird, I can tell you.

The story of the fridge replacement is convoluted, however.  So, I ordered a new fridge through a friend with a great deal.  Three weeks after ordering, we discovered it was backordered.  Two weeks after that, I gave up and went with a different model.  Four days later, the delivery guy showed up - and we discovered it wouldn't fit through the door.  But wait - it would fit through the door, just not in the box (I mean, I did measure before ordering!).  I headed off to remove the door, and the guy stopped me and said he couldn't deliver it because I have four steps up to the front door, and he was only one guy.  (Mind, this is all through Spanglish.)  The office will call, he says.  Eventually I speak to the office, straighten out the confusion with the nice woman, discuss my steps, and reschedule delivery.  The following week an older guy calls me to tell me I'm his next stop, and ask if I have guys ready to move the fridge in because it's raining.  But don't you bring it inside, I ask?  No, he answers, we never bring things up stairs.  I am slightly confused here.  From the interactions with the original delivery guy, and the woman, would you not think that if they weren't going to bring it into the house they'd have MENTIONED it at this point?  Not pleased.  Mildly panicked, in fact.  Luckily a rapid Craigslist seach gets me guys that can come in an hour and a half.  I throw a tarp over the delivered fridge, and wait by the door with bated breath (what if someone steals my fridge???) until the guys show.  Two Russians appear, pull it out of the box, get it through the door (which I of course removed the day before), and into the house, where we discover another issue - it won't fit through the dining room doorway into the kitchen.  So.  They start removing fridge doors, while I remove doorway molding.  20 minutes later I have this:

And the old fridge in the dining room, and a great deal of cleanup to do.  Looks great, yes?  It feels so BIG!  The old fridge was rescued from the front yard by someone (thanks Max and Jaimee for removing it), the cardboard was finally picked up by the recycling guys, and my house looks much less trashy now ;)  Also, the spinach has been unfrozen all week!

It's very exciting.  However, I can no longer reach the microwave (which lives on top of the fridge), so it's turned to the side so that I can reach it by standing on the step.  This makes it look not lovely, however, since you're looking at the back of the microwave half the time...  Suggestions to remedy this would be gratefully accepted.


Hoop said...

I laughed so hard through this whole post! Definitely reminds me of the time that Dolan and I thought we'd be your helpers-with-a-van and then had so much trouble getting the desk into your house. Max to the rescue again!

And now I really want to try frying a frozen egg :) Glad you and 2 have regular spinach now!

Katie said...

I'm just wicked impressed you managed to find helpers in such a short amount of time...wahoo!

A shelf for the micro? Just above your pan rack there?