Monday, March 19, 2012

Unrelated to house things.

I sat down this evening to update my resume (because really, one should have an updated resume just in case something interesting crosses your path).  Very luckily, I have a good friend who is marvelous at resume critique, and she pointed out that I had reached a point in my career where I needed to alter my format and include a profile.  So off I went, diligently searching for samples of what others in my line of work have done.

You know what?  They all say the same things.  Everybody is working from the same list of resume action verbs.  What I really want to do is just finish this up, and write the world's frankest cover letters.  I just want to say - you know what?  I'm good at my job.  I'm not the smartest, nor the easiest, and I don't know everything.  But I know I don't, and I admit it.  I'm smarter than some, I'm fast, I'm logical, and my work is high quality.  I don't miss deadlines.  If you give me something that needs doing, I'll figure it out.  So here's the resume.  I think it has all the right buzzwords.  It looks the same as everyone else's.  Just call me.  We'll talk.  And either we'll like each other and I'll do a good job for you; you'll be glad I'm there, or we won't fit, and then no harm done. 

But I don't think that would get me any interesting things that crossed my path.  Unless it was a tiny startup.  And really - that's kind of a bummer.


Hoop said...

I love you and this post. It's basically what the resume & cover letter are for anyway--just a way to say "I'm awesome, and you should bring me in for an interview to learn more". And yet we need to dress it up in fancy buzzwords...

Good luck with the revision and let me know if you need another set of eyes :)

rachel said...

I think you should try it. See what happens. Maybe it will turn heads!!