Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Um. So much for timely posting.

I'm trying to get better.  I swear it.  Somehow the last half of the year got busy - Jaimee moved in, I got a dog (Loki) who takes up a bunch of time with training and play, the holidays were the usual month and a half of scramble...  He's cute though, right?

Anyway, things did happen.  I just didn't quite FINISH any of them, which is why no real posts about them.  I put up a backsplash behind the stove.
Photo by sarahlitt 

Why is it not done?  Haven't caulked the top line and the corners.  There has also been a request to extend it further, and I haven't done that yet either.

I made a light (translation - hung crystals from my dad's mom on an Ikea light) and hung it in the dining room - which caused the electrician to come again because I hated it being off center, so I had him move the ceiling box (and now we have a junction box in ceiling where the old one was).

Why is it not done?  Haven't finished patching around the old ceiling box and painting the junction box cover.

I also made and hung a light in the kitchen.  No pics yet - because it's currently level only by virtue of some fishing weights taped onto it, needs an extra cover for the wires to the ceiling, and persists in hanging at an angle through the kitchen instead of parallel to the walls.

Additionally, I've spent time making the basement a more workable area.  This got a big leg up when yet another part of the main waste line had to be replaced in a hurry, and as part of the process the plumbers kindly lowered the basement sink drain for me (allowing it to actually be at a normal person's height, not up 2 stairs).  I installed an old kitchen sink as the new basement sink, which is a huge improvement.  We had to get a new faucet though, as the old one turned out to be leaky.  I built a platform for the washing machine, making it much easier to load and unload it (thanks to 2 and Jaimee for the muscle to get it on the platform!).  Jaimee also helped me do some organization in the basement, and it's actually getting functional! Progress pics soon.

BUT.  R2 is moving out this month (I miss our little family already.  Luckily it's just expanding geographically!), so there will be a bunch of painting and rearranging to be done.  I'll try to be better about posting about that.  I'm also trying to have some themes for each month so I feel like there are mini goals that I can actually accomplish and feel good about.  Small wins.  January's goal - purge.  Not in the puking sort of way (how do people actually do that?  so gross to me), but in the get-it-out-of-the-house way.  We've had a pile of stuff that needs to be eBay'ed, a pile to donate, some to Craigslist, and stuff to just throw out/recycle.  

The basement jumpstart was a big motivator - it's just so much more pleasant to be down there - and I've gotten rid of a bunch of random construction bits.  I've sold some stuff on eBay, have listed more, and am hoping to do an electronics recycling drop-off this weekend.  It's a bit late, but anyone else want to join the Jan purge for motivation?

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rachel said...

I am still purging too! I need to do more but I'm scared of some boxes and I have to go to storage.