Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Man, I hate the tedious behind the scenes work.

I've been working on the bathroom every night after work.  The weekends are pretty booked, so that's all the time I have.  It's been progressing, but right now the progress is frustratingly small to the eye.

The new plumbing is roughed in, and I've nearly finished the electric - installed a new recessed light and a new light/fan combo - but the majority of the time has been in leveling out the walls and figuring out how to deal with covering some of the plumbing.  It's so boring - all this cement board in the hall, and I just want it up on the wall!  But if I don't get the walls straight now, you'll really be able to tell.

I've framed one wall twice, as the first time I built it too far away from the wall (plumbers then told me to redo it and notch the studs for the plumbing).  I'd be done with the electric already, but for some reason one of the lights doesn't work now that I added another line.  The subfloor is laid, but I have to get everything up to the level of the shower pan.  Essentially - the "Sarah is not a pro" status has really slowed me down!  However - I'm gettin' it done.  If slower than I hoped!

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