Monday, September 23, 2013

I love lamp.

At least this one - because I made it, and it replaced the rather cheap looking partially broken plastic one that you had to climb up the couch arm to turn on.  This one has a cord switch so you can actually easily turn it on while sitting, which I installed on an Ikea cordset, in the process discovering that the hot wire was not for some reason the black one, as it is usually...  Well, Mom was visiting that day and I think she enjoyed the fireworks show I accidentally created.

The bathroom work continues, of course, but right now I'm pretty focused on finishing the ceiling, which means a lot of time putting up joint compound and waiting for it to dry.  Nothing really worth photographing there until it's done, at which point it will hopefully look like...nothing special, just a flat ceiling. 

In order to make me feel like the process is still moving though, I've started trying to work in some smaller wins around the house as well - like making the lamp (the pieces have been hanging around for a couple months waiting for me to get on that), fixing the door to my office so that it actually stays closed, adding a couple shelves in the pantry, doing some tidying in the basement, and fixing the screen on my Nexus tablet.  Little wins can be so satisfying!

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