Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lambchop Fence

When my siblings were growing up, there was a popular children's show called (or about) Lambchop (a lamb puppet). Lambchop had a very annoying song which sticks in your head forever - "this is the song that never ends,
yes it goes on and on, my friends.
some people - started singing it not knowing what it was
and they'll continue singing it forever just because
this is the song that never ends...."

Anyone else remember that? Well - I have the fence that never ends. Two weekends ago, I was determined to finish the fence and get the rest of the plants in. There were three panels remaining, and the brackets had to be driven into the concrete. At the end of a rather hot and exhausting Sunday, I had all the plants in (once again thanks
only to Hobs!), and two panels up. And the two panels only made it due to the reinforcements (thanks ladies!) that showed up at the end of the day and helped finish. Drilling those holes into concrete took HOURS. Even keeping the drillbit wet. Lesson learned - next time (may there not be one), I will simply plan in advance for once and rent a hammer drill, it would be worth it!

Last Sun I was going to finish the one panel, plant one new plant, repot the tomatoes, and do some weeding. After an exhausting rugby day on Sat it didn't quite work out that way - I did plant the new big plant, did some weeding, and repotted the tomatoes - but then I got hot and decided I didn't want to play outside anymore. So one panel still to go...

Pics -
(note the bench from scrap lumber that will hold the tomato plants - and probably a cat or two, realistically) -
From Fence Continues
And lovely garden!

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Hoop said...

I loved watching Lambchop! But I do not love the song, especially since you've now gotten it stuck in my head! But it is a well-known fact that only a more annoying song will get the first out. It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all...

ps. I love the bench!