Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ok, so I failed at the goals.

Oops. I forgot to ban myself from regular hanging out with my friends. And know what? I'm not gonna. Take that, house.

I did rearrange the goals a bit due to a swap in roommates. Wish Erin luck as she tests out life in artist-heavy Bushwick - and welcome R2! Moving Erin's stuff out and keeping some time to repaint her pink room to a normal color also gave a little window of time to finish up some nagging projects in her room. So after working really hard last weekend, I have finished the cabinet Dad started a zillion years ago (until R2 decides she wants shelves), finished the floor where the sink cabinet was, and almost finished the door between our rooms.

In typical Sarah-style, many things were learned. Like - I really shouldn't have worked so hard on patching the nail holes, b/c the wood fill took the stain completely differently from the rest of the wood and now instead of hiding the holes it shouts, "look! There was some patching done here!". So someday I sense that cabinet will be painted...

And I continue the trend of purchasing the wrong things at Lowe's, and Lowe's not having everything I need. Oh well. At least it's right by a nice restaurant.

I also found time to finally spray foam around the basement windows, which will hopefully reduce the number of waterbugs. As of this morning - not much of a reduction. But still I hope. Dad, no comments on my terrible foam job. Apparently I'm not so good at foam aesthetics. Interestingly enough the obnoxious feral cats outside decided to investigate while I was spraying and scared the daylights out of me - why can they not head the bugs off before they come in instead?

Stained cabinet:

From 2009_09_23

Poly'd floor:

From 2009_09_23

Less bugged windows:
From 2009_09_23


Hoop said...

Goals are good. But hanging out with friends is better!

Craig said...

looks ok to me. wasn't a zillion years, at most an eon. not sure I would paint the shelves after taking the resources to use good wood and staining...
one would think cats would attack insects. what benefit are they?