Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not-so-small small wins

Well, I've owned this house for about a year and 8 months, living in it almost that whole time. And guess what - I finally hung some shelves and the mirror in my bedroom! It's starting to actually look like a room, not just the place where I sleep and change clothes... If nothing else, it's nice to actually have the shelves off the floor.

I also spent several hours on Sat hooking up the actual outlets in the dining room and replacing the light switch. Now, that sounds like (and actually is) a small win in my trend lately of small project completions to make small wins. However, consider the history of that project -
--We created the space for the new outlets and ran the wire in Feb 2008 when we replaced the plaster in that room with drywall.
--R2's electrician dad very kindly hooked up the new wire to the circuit box a couple weeks ago.
--On Sat (with phone assistance from both dads ;) ) I hooked up the new outlets. And replaced the old light switch/outlet with just a switch (the outlet had blown).

So after almost a year and 8 months - no more looking at wires sticking out of my dining room walls! This small win feels pretty big.


Pudge said...

Did even put covers on them?

Sarah said...

I did! Covers and all - truly done with them! :)

Craig said...

atsa my dottah! so what were those tabs?