Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There's critters in them thar walls.

I think I'd prefer gold in the hills.

Got home from Mom's to the sound of something wandering around in my kitchen chimney. At least, I thought it was in the chimney - until it wandered over the cabinets. And this morning it wandered over to above the bathroom door frame. I know I run a hostel - but for two legged guests, not uninvited four legged ones! So I called the exterminator, who told me that unless I chopped a hole in the wall or found where it got in, there wasn't much they could do. Not amused. If anyone sees Superman, please ask him if I can borrow his xray vision...

On the plus side, my new dining room table and chairs look great, and the gas guy just replaced the meter with one that can be read from outside, so they'll stop wringing my doorbell on random mornings.

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