Monday, January 4, 2010

New kitchen ideas?

I am. Going to. Enough already.

On that note, I spent some time with the ideas floated out by all you lovely people about my original kitchen layout, a tape measure, and a mapping program. And I'm a little stuck.

Here's the new layout. Changes you can see - moved the bathroom wall out, knocked down the funny little closet, built a pantry against the wall that used to have the kitchen, swapped a door and a window.

I can't really figure out where to put the fridge and the sink. If I leave them where they are now, the fridge (square with the x) will block light from the door. Which maybe is ok? I don't think I want to move the door more over to make more room from the wall to the doorframe, as then it would be asymmetrical with the spacing of the other windows.

If I leave the sink there, I'll either have to get an under sink dishwasher, which is possible, or put the dishwasher in the island...

So. Thoughts?

Casey suggested an under-counter refrigerator and freezer. (Idea nixed. Those things are ridiculously expensive!). And yes definitely a dishwasher! While I don't have to move the door, moving it will allow me to create door that exits at floor level (so no two steps up) without dealing with the nightmare that would be redoing the basement exit. Plus it would create more light in the kitchen part.


Hoop said...

I don't think the fridge will block that much light from the door, will it?

I love the map! So funny to imagine your downstairs without the funyn little pantry room...Have fun!

frankie said...

two questions -

do you need to move the door? what's the reasoning there?

are you ever planning to have a dishwasher? if so, you'd prob want it right next to the sink.

:) can't wait to see how this progresses!

Craig said...

your dishwasher IS an under the counter dahling :)
you could swap the range and the fridge
I like the door move (but you knew that)