Monday, January 4, 2010

The tale of three floor men

Last week, in a fit of pique at my hideous floors, I actually did the research, found three floor guys that were well recommended, and called them. Surprisingly (based on my past floor guy experience), all three were responsive and all three came to see the floors and gave me estimates.

Now - which to pick?

Floor guy A - $950. Hard to understand (not so much on the English), and the only guy who didn't point out the difficulty of the repair I was asking for. But cheapest.

Floor guy B - $1300. But dustless. The most professional of the three, judging only by his printed estimate form, and fancy laser measuring tool.

Floor guy C - $650 for the refinishing, then either $200 or $400 depending on the level of repair I ask for. The only guy to give me options. Also the only guy I had to chase to get the estimate. Pretty sure he's dustless as well, but not positive.

Leaning toward C...

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Animal Presidente said...

Cris and I learned a really hard lesson during our first renovation that we will not repeat for our second renovation coming soon. You get what you pay for. Go with the most trustworthy and professional even if it costs a bit more. And, yes, I am aware that money doesn't grow on trees. For certain projects, you can be OK with not going for the higher-end option. Flooring is one of those in betweens, where I have seen cheap work be good and I have seen cheap work be REALLY bad. My 2 cents