Monday, October 11, 2010

This one is TOO much.

That's what Goldilocks would have said if she was countertop shopping with me.  Allow me to summarize, full story coming soon (and somehow this is more palatable as a fairy tale):
Goldilocks wanders amongst the countertop options.
"This one is too boring.  This one is too bright.  Oh look, environmentally sound made in Brooklyn!  This one is just right."
Then she tries to pick a color.
"This one is too white.  This one is too grey.  This one is bright blue - and just right!"
Finally, she thinks to actually price it, having realized that in the search for just right, she has wandered out of the easily purchased at Ikea.
"This one will not install.  This one installs but doesn't have my color.  This one is - $4K????  You must be joking.  It's only 15 sq feet!  So much for just right!"

Stay tuned while the 3 little bears provide Goldilocks with restorative beverages and help her find new options.


Craig said...

One might consider granite tiles. I even know someone who could cut and install.

Pudge said...


Thanks for offering my services.

The Brain