Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wherein Goldilocks and the Bears tackle the problem

I have absolutely no idea why I seem to be relating to a blond-haired destructive trespasser in this case.  However.  At least there's tackling. 

After recovering from sticker shock, Goldilocks investigated some other places who fabricate and install Icestone.  The Bears came along for moral support, and the intimidation factor.

A different installer came back with a quote that was even more expensive than the first one.  However, this guy actually broke it down - it's not that they are holding Goldi over the coals on the fabrication and installation, it's that Icestone only sells FULL slabs.  So even though I don't need and won't use a full slab, I have to buy it anyway!  This guy was smart enough to offer another option - he has a remainder slab of IceStone in Cobalt Ice that is the right size, and would bring my cost down to the (still excessive) predicted amount.

Know what else this says?  That even though I have to buy the full slab, the fabricator gets to hold on and resell the rest of it.  As the biggest Bear said - "no effing way."

So, smart guy has emailed IceStone to see if they by chance have a remainder piece of Sapphire Snow lying about.  Somehow I doubt this will come through.  So now the question is:  
go with Cobalt Ice?

Or give up the recycled idea and go with something like the deep ocean from Caeserstone?  (which would be cheaper...)

Ugh.  The options.  No tile suggestions please though, I don't like it.  Goldi and the Bears are on hold, waiting for the page to turn...


rachel said...

I say go with that one that will be cheaper....that was my second choice I think anyway...

Hoop said...

Deep Ocean is beautiful! Cheaper is nice too.

kmcmahon said...

I say the Icestone - it's awesome. I know not helpful, but of course I like the (1) more expensive and (2) harder to get one. I would have thought this, though, strictly from seeing them.