Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tangent project

Have I mentioned that I hated my "entertainment system"?  It was actually a shelf from Crate and Barrel.  A lovely shelf, but slightly too low, and completely open.  I don't like looking at components when I'm not using them.  Especially when they get really dusty.

I spent a long time trying to find something else I would like.  The problem was that the space I wanted to keep everything in was only 31" wide max.  It's REALLY hard to find a cabinet that narrow.  Or chest of drawers.  Or basically anything that could be repurposed.  So - I decided to make one, based on some shelving that's floating around on the Interweb.

I actually started this project in Feb, I think, or March.  I kept however making mis-steps - buying pipe, cutting the pipe, and then realizing it had to be threaded.  Buying a threader, but failing miserably.  Trying to get a plumbing supply store to do it (pipe turned out to be "too soft".  Seriously.).  Trying to get Lowe's to do it, since I bought it there originally.  And finally doing what I should have done all along, and buying precut and threaded lengths.

Anyway, here it is:

With components added:

I'll eventually make a door that slides up to hide the components.  I also made a section to wrap around, but decided it was to much in that small space (after cutting it to size, of course).  But it made a perfect end table for the couch - and one less thing to shop for!

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Anonymous said...

Looks pretty sweet! Nice work, Bumpa'd be proud.