Friday, June 10, 2011

Rapid bathroom decisions

I've mentioned that I'm redoing the downstairs bathroom, right?  In the great kitchen reno, Dad and I built what will be the new bathroom wall to make it a little bigger.  And now in typical me planning, we're doing the bathroom RIGHT NOW.

I have to order the fixtures asap.  I'm looking at these -

Sink option 1:
Sink option 2:
Faucet for sink (either option): 

Shower fixtures:

The tub is 3" wider than the current one, and 7" longer.  The toilet is almost 4" narrower than the current, and the sink is 5" narrower, so my bathroom may stop being quite so claustrophobic. 

Thoughts?  Anyone?  Help...


Hoop said...

It's going to be positively palatial!

Ok, maybe not quite. But I like it!

rachel said...

I vote sink #2. #1 looks too standard

kmcmahon said...

I like the sink options, but I wonder, if you go with #1, where will the soap go? Is there room to set a soap container?

I am super excited to see the new spacious suite...any new colors? tile selections? Floor?

Good luck!