Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 5.5

Sorry, I got a bit distracted.  There was a wedding to attend and such...  Anyway, we really got quite far.  It's hard to see, but we got all the drywall up (except for the closet) and all the hardieboard (that's the cement-like board for behind the tiles.  It's heavy!).  Last night I got the first round of drywall taping and mudding done on the walls that touch the floor to be tiled.  Hopefully the stars will align and I'll manage to finish that before the toilet gets installed, as it'll be much easier that way, but I'm not really willing to pause on the toilet just to finish the mudding.

No tiling done yet, which means that there are no working fixtures yet.  Dad was pretty sad we didn't get to it as that's his favorite part.  But the plumber was a tad slower than anticipated; we thought he'd only need one day, and he needed 1 and a half.  Also, there was a hole in my floor that didn't go there.  But anyway, I should be able to get the floor at least done very soon.  The tub will take longer not only because it's bigger, but because I don't like the tile I bought and now have to go return it.  Or sell it on Craigslist and buy new.  Either way.  The bathroom turned out to be a bit smaller than the original measurements predicted, but I'll still have a closet (even if it's only 6" wide!), and I'm already really really excited about the way it will look.


Hoop said...

I laughed so hard when I got to "And there was a hole in my floor that didn't go there." Uh oh...

I can't wait to see the finished product!

Craig said...

your contractor says with much emphasis "make sure the drywall behind and around the toilet is totally done BEFORE you set the toilet"