Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots to do - and lots done!

Ok, so I'm slacking a bit on the posting. Really I'm slacking on the picture taking, which is causing me to slack on the posting...

Dad managed a ton of stuff last weekend. I helped a little bit too. He cut down the dog-run style fence cutting my yard in half, planted two lilac bushes, closed up the pipe in the downstairs closet, and most exciting - began the closing of the destruction I wreaked on Erin's wall!

Originally I had just wanted to drywall off the wall, and either build a little closet or just close off the pipe. But Dad (who by his own admission has been watching a lot of DIY tv shows), had an idea of building in shelves that would mirror the existing ones on the other side of the room. The project was not without its struggles (things learned - not only should you actually draw full plans before beginning, you probably shouldn't measure and do math while hungover), but it's going to really look great! Dad got all the pieces up already, we just have the finish work left. And a couple molding-type pieces to put on. Pictures soon, I promise.

So this weekend - lots finish work to do on the cabinets and drywall, and the downstairs closet. I'd also like to take advantage of the nice weather to do some cleanup outside. Maybe even mow the weeds. It would also be exciting to try the new bbq...

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