Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who knew?

The front window replacements are being installed this Fri (please please let them be more soundproof!), so it was time to actually buy curtains and blinds/shades. After hours of looking with Erin, we still haven't completely settled on the shades. But I ordered the curtains. And really - who knew curtains are sold singly? Who in the world thinks, "I should dress up my windows. Guess I'll buy a curtain. Don't need two, that's just wasteful. One'll do me." Let's not even talk about why a single piece of fabric is $60... Gaak.

Also, I think Dad was right (hush Dad), and I do need to prioritize insulating the "attic". It was HOT upstairs last night, and it was only 80 degrees. I might boil when it's 100 outside. Researching.

I did do some actual work this weekend. Will post that later tonight with the pics.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

i actually did know that, but only thanks to working at anthro. and their curtains ran for like $80-150 per panel.

i agree that it makes no sense! hang in there slitty!