Thursday, May 1, 2008

Plumbing update

Well, the nice plumber came. And exhibited a certain amount of awe - and sympathy. Then he told me I have to rip out the base cabinets in Erin's room so they can replace the pipe up there as well. Depending on whether or not the pipe to the roof is cracked, I may also have to rip out the upper cabinets. Argh.

Erin is trying not to admit it, but she's kind of excited - since she hates the current backsplash and cabinets. Don't worry Erin, I won't put the backsplash back up ;) We'll talk about the cabinets. But it is annoying, especially because it's her bedroom I'm tearing up.

So, more deconstruction this weekend! Totally wreaking havoc with my "finish dining room before June" plan. At this rate...


Hoop said...

hmm...need any deconstruction help? I'm free saturday morning if that was when you were thinking :)

raleigh said...

Well, that's part of it though. I just moved in to Brooklyn and fixed everything up. But before that happens I had to deconstruct the house though. Thanks for sharing.

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