Friday, March 21, 2008

I am Mighty Mouse!

Combo'd with Wonder Woman!

Ok, maybe not quite so much. But I fixed the downstairs tub hot water! Take that Home Depot! Take that plumbing supply stores! Hooray for the power of Google! Also hooray for, who not only have pictures of their faucet stems (so I could find the one that looked like mine), but also actually had the faucet stem and shipped it super fast. Now I suppose I'd better actually call the plumber to estimate the other leaks.

And apparently the house is challenging me to a duel, because this morning the upstairs tub hot water started dripping. But I shall overcome.

Projects this weekend are about clean-up:
  • clean the downstairs
  • hang the mailbox
  • tidy the basement so I can actually find the tools
  • take the rest of the tape off in the kitchen

That sort of thing :)

1 comment:

Craig said...

where did you get your perseverance?
congrats on the shower!
can't wait to see the pics of the kitchen.