Monday, March 10, 2008

These jeans are clean!

I know that because I washed them myself! After only two trips to the hardware store, and a well timed piece of advice from Aunt Deb, the washer works without leaking (keep fingers crossed for a while though). No plumber needed! The dryer isn't fully set up since the hose was too short, but we got a new hose so that should be done this week too. And in the meantime, clothes dried pretty quickly in the basement, which is the preferred method of drying anyway.

After many hours of sanding and patching, the kitchen walls are almost ready for priming. Somehow I always underestimate the amount of time the prep takes (and the amount of havoc all that sanding wreaks)... But one final sand on a couple spots, and we should be good. Erin did some marvelous work recreating parts of the wall out of patching compound. The taping was completed too - nice lines Onna!

The downstairs closet was cleaned, and I even hung the new smoke/carbon monoxide detector (it was propped on the stairs, don't worry Dad). I felt the installation had to be prioritized, after I accidentally kicked the first one down the stairs... That was a waste of $36.

To maintain the length of the to-do list, we discovered on Sat that the oven doesn't heat up. Anyone have expertise with gas ovens?

The Home Depot window salesman came to give me an estimate for the replacements, including installation. Who knew windows were so expensive? I mean, 50 year guarantees and full glass coverage is great - but for $680 per window? Ow.
And those were the all vinyl ones. The ones with the wood on the inside made me actually choke. Getting another company in for a comparative estimate...


Hoop said...

Yay washing machine! Very exciting :)

Let me know if you need help this sunday, I'll be in BK working with the U12s until noon and I'm free after that!

JLB said...

When I was young, my mother went for almost a year because the "oven didn't work" and she couldn't afford to replace it. Come to realize that there was a hidden switch on the oven that you had to have "on"...look for hidden switch before replacing oven.

Ready to report for duty after 3/26

craig said...

one step forward. very good.
re: oven if the pilot lights, then thermostat (i have faith in your ability to fix). if the pilot does not ignite, then try to light off manually. if that works, then it is the igniter (see above note).
erin's radiator may just need to be bled. i assume you can get a radiator key from a hardware store (i may have one from the old house as i keep just about everything useless).
the outlets are gFi (ground fault interrupter)
did the home despot estimate assume replacing rot in frames or just for windows?