Monday, March 3, 2008

I may need to date a plumber.

Anyone know a cute one? Maybe one without the stereotypical saggy pants and potbelly?

Ok, fine. I'll learn to do it myself. Maybe. Saturday I unpacked for forever, saving the exciting plumbing plans for Sun. On Sunday I cleaned the washing machine and hung the clothesline (thanks Mom!). All was going well - until both water cutoff valves to the washer started dripping everywhere. We'll just add this to the list. And Erin and I went to Home Depot to find the replacement faucet stem for the downstairs bathroom, only to be told it was so old they no longer carry them. I'm losing my confidence in my ability to repair it myself. Why must the plumbing industry be so non-standardized?

So far, we have a leaky expansion tank, leaky upstairs kitchen sink (betcha that one's gonna get me), dripping toilet, no faucet for the hot water in the downstairs tub, weirdly disattached pipe in the funny little room downstairs, and the washing machine issue. Oh, and possibly the downstairs sink may be dripping, must investigate. So send that cute plumber boy my way...


Hoop said...

I know 2 cute plumbers who share a fondness for colourful overalls and pizza...Mario & Luigi :)

I will keep my eyes out for some cute plumbers for you...and will also make it back down to help some more sometime! Hope unpacking's going well!

craig said...

replacing the faucet would be easier (less expensive than mario and luigi too)
all you need to knoe is the distance between holes. has inexpensive faucets

your very expensive not cute general contractor

Kristin said...

I'm bringing you a real dryer later today :) No plumber but at least your clothes can dry somewhere they won't gather dust