Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One painted kitchen

So many questions come to mind when painting. There are the philosophical (how many cracks must a woman patch?), the practical (can you really see that painting mistake from the floor?), the technological (why does it take 4 hours for the paint to dry?), and the anatomical (how did I get paint under my chin?). It also gives a great full body workout! I encourage you all to try it - should you need a place for the attempt, I can offer a dining room, an office, and a hallway... Kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, after four days of patching and sanding (over the past couple weeks), we finally primed and painted the kitchen! For those of you thinking to yourselves, "Damn, Erin and Sarah are slow! I can paint a room in an hour!" well, so can we. But these aren't your boring fresh
smooth drywall walls - these are lovely used and abused plaster! Almost 100 years old. So plenty of nicks, cracks, bulges, and challenges to work through. One application of patching compound is never enough. In fact, in several cases I'm not sure four was enough...

But it looks great! Just imagine that for a bit while I try to remember to upload the pictures ;)

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