Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Windows. To replace or not. Discuss.

My windows are crappy. This should not surprise anyone - not like the house was heavy on upgrades - but replacements are called for. At the very least, the downstairs windows should lock without the aid of a large bolt. And personally I feel as though you should not feel a breeze on the opposite side of the room when the windows are closed...

So here's the subject for debate. At least 2 windows will be replaced as soon as I schedule the installer. But do I replace 4 windows and do the whole first floor? Or 5 windows and do the whole front of the house? All 10 windows will have to be replaced eventually, but I can't afford to do it all now... Talk amongst yourselves ;)

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Hoop said...

I would care most about the bedroom windows because waking up to a freezing room is the worst. But if those are ok for a while, then I'd do the downstairs and work up!